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GOLD GRANITE COUNTERTOPS: Kashmir Gold Granite Kitchen, Kashmir Gold Granite Countertop
Photo Details: This gorgeous kitchen is a beautiful backdrop for the striking colors that are featured in the Kashmir gold granite spread throughout. The gentle curves of the spacious golden yellow granite counter top surrounds the kitchen, creating a golden shimmer of color topped by grand columns that add to the grandure of the brown swirled granite. The dark wood of the cabinets wonderfully compliment the brown and yellow of the Kashmir granite, creating a balance between a modern, yet classic design.
Country of Origin: India   |    Colors: Gold, Yellow    |    Other Names: Kashmir Gold Granite, Cashmere Gold Granite, Kashmire Gold
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yellow of the Kashmir granite Kashmir Gold Granite

Cashmere Gold Granite
The yellow gold and brown of the Kashmir gold granite on this island beautifully
Gold Granite
This beautiful Kashmir gold counter top curves gently around
Gold Countertop
This gorgeous gold Kashmir counter top is one long, smooth masterpiece
Gold Countertops
The Brazilian gold of this granite tops a convenient island with a sunken
Gold Granite Kitchen
The yellow and brown of the Kashmir granite counter tops in this kitchen
Gold Kitchen
The honey golden oak of the kitchen cabinetry are beautifully highlighted
Kashmir Gold Granite
The Kashmir gold vanity in this bathroom provides an elegant focus for this space
Yellow Granite
The beautiful kitchen is the perfect setting for Kashmir gold granite

Yellow Kitchen
The yellow gold of the kashmire granite on this counter top beautifully highlight

granite remnants